Full Time

  • CAE Software Research Developer at shonCloud Tech/shonDynamics:
    • Algorithm and CAE software developing for FEM heat transfer with multibody thermal contact, fluid-heat transfer conjugate, and fluid-solid coupling.


  • Student Researcher at Google LLC:
    • Efficient few-shot learning with Gaussian Splatting for parametric digital human hand modeling, supervised by Dr. Chai, Menglei.
  • Researcher Intern at Snap Inc:
    • A robust, simple, and non-parametric pooling strategy for building multi-level GNNs for predicting mesh-based physical simulation, supervised by Dr. Chai, Menglei.
  • SDE Intern (remote) at Taichi Graphics:
    • A portable Houdini plug-in for the Taichi-Element (a high-performance MPM solver): HToTi, cooperated with Dr. Yuanming Hu. Tiantian Liu, and Yidong Ma.